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Where campers ages 15 to 21 experience the wonder of Central New York’s unique environment in a way that gets their brains working & their bodies moving!

Camp Green Teen is a summer youth development program that is part of our Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program.

Each year Camp Green Teen teams up with three existing summer camps providing them with: additional support, environmental experiences, and STEM education from local experts.

Mailing Address:
Attn: Camp Green Teen
1010 James St., 2nd. Floor
Syracuse, NY 13203

Contact Information:
Wendy Ramsay, CAPP Director
424-0009 ext.105

Fax: (315) 424-0190





Camp Green Teen Partners

  • Southwest Community Center (2014 Camp Site)
  • Girls Inc. (2014 Camp Site)
  • Hillside Work Scholarship Connection (2014 Camp Site)
  • The CanTeen (2014 Camp Site)
  • New York State Parks and Historic Preservation Society
  • Save the Rain
  • Onondaga Earth Corps
  • Onondaga Lake Partnership
  • Montezuma Audubon Society
  • Honeywell
  • Parsons
  • Team Adventure
  • CNY Works
  • Syracuse Cooperative Federal Credit Union

Camp Green Teen Supporters

  • Ben and Jean Tupper
  • Wegmans
  • Walmart
  • Chilis
  • REACH CNY Board of Directors
  • Tom Gardner


Fundraising Efforts
Camp Green Teen held its 1st Annual Craft Fair to raise money for 2014 camp activities. Please check back in February 2015 for information on our 2nd Annual Craft Fair.  The money raised through the craft fair and support from individual and corporate donors goes directly to youth participating in Camp Green Teen. Our fundraising efforts help cover cost associated with admission to field trip locations such as Wonderworks,  bus passes for public transit to local activities and to help purchase produce from local farmers markets for healthy eating lessons.


You Can Support Camp Green Teen
To support our green team, please consider a donation so that we can continue to offer youth wonderful STEM opportunities in Central New York. 





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1010 James Street . Syracuse, NY 13203 . Ph: (315) 424-0009 . Fax: (315) 424-0190
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