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Focus on Youth (FOY)

What is Focus on Youth?

  • Focus on Youth is an evidence based HIV, STD and pregnancy program for youth.
  • It is community based, and provides youth with the skills and knowledge needed to protect themselves against HIV, STDs and unwanted pregnancy.
  • It's delivered in a group format and lasts for 8 sessions, with an additional session dedicated to the youth's parent, guardian, or another trusted adult.
  • The program focuses on decision-making, goal setting, communication, negotiation and consensual relationships.

To view a fact sheet with more information on FOY, click here.

Focus on Youth Sessions

Session 1: Trust Builing & Group Cohesion

Session 2: Risk & Values

Session 3: Obtaining Sexual Health & Information

Session 4: Examining Consequences

Session 5: Assertive Communication

Session 6: Sexual Health & Showing You Care Without Having Sex

Session 7: Attitudes & Skills for Sexual Health

Session 8: Community Project

Additional: Parent/Guardian Session

For more information or to schedule a program contact Erin Bortel, Program Director at 420-4303 or

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